Spring 2011 Get Together

Our spring gathering at 43 North was a good way to say Auf Wiedersehen to our long winter and Hallo to spring. Before settling down for a delicious dinner, we had a chance for a few libations and talk about the past winter. Discussion centered around cars (of course), upcoming Driving Events (DE’s) and other social activities. If anyone is interested in attending a DE, contact Board Member, Eric Weber, to let him know. He will be keeping a list of members who will be participating at each event.

Scot gave everyone an update on upcoming events and what we can expect throughout the summer. Ken displayed some new items for the club. Mugs ($15) are a high quality 18 oz. etched glass for sipping a cold one during the summer months. Our decals ($4) are UV resistant and add a nice touch to your car. Both are available from Ken. Add something nice to your house or car.

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