A Brief History of the Yellowstone Region of the PCA

Yellowstone Porsche Club History

Yellowstone Region Porsche Club’s roots began in Idaho by a group of ten Porsche enthusiasts. The region’s first President, Nicholas Brown of Pocatello, submitted the club’s petition to become an official club in June of 1977 and our club received its Charter on August 9, 1977. The region included members from Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana and North Western Wyoming, the same as it is today.

From 1977 through 1989 the club operated primarily in Idaho. Many of the original founding members continued in various capacities during the first 12 years, including the Barak’s and Magill’s of Idaho Falls.

William Noblitt, an avid Porsche 356 enthusiast, was elected President of the club in January of 1990. He restored his own 1959 Convertible D. Bill brought new enthusiasm to the club by organizing events, recruiting new members and attending the Porsche Parade just about every year. He served as president from 1990 through 1995 and as treasurer from 1996 through 1999.

Nathan Smith of Idaho Falls was elected President in 1996 and served for 2 years.

Edie Walker took over as President of the club in 1998 and attended a number of Parades. She resurrected the club and held it together through some challenging times. Edie updated the paperwork, including the club’s tax returns and filed for non-profit status. The club did not have a newsletter, so one was started with articles contributed from various club members. She scheduled a number of BBQ’s which were well attended and several tours to Yellowstone and Big Sky Montana. Most importantly, Edie introduced a whole new generation of members to our Porsche community.

Joel Duling of Idaho Falls was elected Vice President in 2005 and took over as President in 2006. Joel helped to create the new glossy full color newsletter we have today.

Ken and Robin Koop joined the club in 1998 and volunteered to be Secretary and treasurer in 2005. Their enthusiasm was infectious and they brought new life to the club. The club we have today is due largely to their hard work and desire to see the club flourish. Ken was elected President in 2007.

Today, the club is thriving with numerous activities held throughout the year. Shelley Fairbanks, the clubs VP and event coordinator, has set a new course for club activities. Attendance for events is the highest it has ever been. With a full complement of officers, the club is flourishing with the largest membership in its history. The club’s newsletter and web site have achieved national awards for their contents.

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