Rendezvous Dinner at Teton Pines

Once again, our Club’s Annual Dinner was held in early June at Teton Pines. The weather in Jackson this spring has been bouncing from summer to winter depending on the day. As luck would have it, we pulled winter with heavy snow falling while Robin and I were driving home. However, the friendship at the event was as warm as a summer day.

The food and beverages were delicious. Our room was decorated with Porsche flags along with a DVD playing which showcased the new 911. What a beautiful vehicle. Most of the conversation centered on our long awaited driving season, upcoming events, the Porsche Parade and friends visiting our area during the summertime. It sounds like a great place to be.

Shelley Fairbanks covered our “Summer Celebration Picnic” in Wilson this August. It should be a wonderful afternoon with Bubbas Bar-B-Q providing the lunch. The residents of Wilson will be calling it “Porsches in the Park”, after seeing all the beautiful cars.

Eric Weber gave a run down on the Porsche Parade and the members who will be attending. Also, he commented on the Go Cart day he is personally hosting. Both are guaranteed to make for an enjoyable week.

Buck Fairbanks gave everyone a preview of the Autocross our club is having in September. It is sure to be an exciting day, whether you are a spectator or competitor. Refreshments and food will be available following the event.
We celebrated a special birthday for Nancy Faems who turned?? I think she was surprised with the cake since she was giving Mike the evil eye. We all wish you the best, with many more to come.

To change things this year, we held a fun Club Quiz with prizes awarded to the top four winners. The grand prize was a remote control GT3 RS and the proud winner was Mike & Nancy Faems. Well done! I’m sure their grandchildren will love it, unless Mike plays with it first. Other winners received Porsche signs and a great book on Hans Mezger (Porsche’s infamous engine designer).

Our club’s most prestigious award is the “Member of the Year”. It is given annually for a member who goes above and beyond for their dedication to the club. This year, our Board of Directors was proud to present the award to Eric Weber for all of his hard work. Congratulations Eric!

It was wonderful seeing everyone again and I hope you enjoyed the evening with some of the finest people in Northern Wyoming.

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