2013 Winter Get-Together at Sidewinders

We’re Back!!!


Sidewinders once again and boy did we miss your pizza.  Twenty four members of our club braved the snow and gave it their all at the inaugural return to Sidewinders Tavern.  It’s been over three years since our last gathering here and  I have to admit my favorite part of the restaurant is the bar.  “Hey tender, may I have another,” I’d yell and out it came.  Fast, friendly service just the way I like it.  And the food is great.  I’d have to say the spinach tomato was my favorite.


It all started with a “special meeting” called by yours truly.  “Order in the house, order in the house,” but I’m not sure anyone was listening.   No matter, I was having fun… being president definitely has its perks.  After all the excitement, the attendees that showed began to settle down.  A quorum was set by 12 members with the hopes of voting on restructuring the bylaws.  With all intent and purpose, it was the boards goal to clarify legal issues, most importantly, how many members create the board, what the term limits are for those members and how new board members are elected.  The bylaws were voted upon by those present, with two votes by proxy by our previous president and treasurer Ken and Robin Koop (respectively).


“All those in favor?” Yay!!!  “All those opposed?” Silence, not a peep, not even a pin could be heard (over the music blaring in the background). Fortunate to say the new bylaws were passed unanimously.  The new legal structure, thanks to the author extraordinaire Dick Beck, now consists of between 4 and 12 members on the board.  The term limits for those members are 3 years.  The board members have the option to be re-elected one time before they are placed on retirement for at least one term.  New members who are interested in serving on the board are to bequeath their request in writing to the board and it is the board who will vote on the new members.  With our new structure, we are hoping for fresh ideas and new creativity to keep our club as fun as ever.  Of course, the board is always available for new ideas at any time by our club members and we encourage you to give us your feedback whenever possible.


The evening continued as the pizza appeared.  Being served at the bar meant we didn’t have to go far to eat.  The socializing was great, especially since I had not seen many of our members for a while.  Cal and Myra Cathcart, from the Northwest region, made an appearance once again.  It is always nice to see them.  Of course Paola and Alberto Cerruti were there as well.  Poala was looking as stunning as always and I only heard Alberto mention the word Ferrari once (it was a good night).  Busy travelers Bill and SareLee Murphy also showed between their “on the go” schedule of friends, family and their Florida home.  Roy Kinsey made his appearance with his usual enthusiasm for the club.  Always good to add to the excitement. Robert Baltensperger showed as well, keeping the evening alive.  Kristi Welfl came with two of her three children, Baille and Olivia.  Their smiling faces were certainly a pleasure to see.  Brent Backman showed his support for the club  by letting us know he is looking forward to our summer events.  And how could we would forget captain Dan Clancy, from the Sea Amore fame, in rare form and adding to the calamity.


As the evening continued, the schedule of events were discussed.  Our June dinner will again appear at the Teton Pines Country Club and is being brought to you by our secretary Pat Siegel and her husband and board member Stan.  Our fall tour is being turned into a summer tour, as we look forward to dry roads and warm sunny weather, and will be organized by board member Jim Wunsch and Vice president Greg Wallace.  Our progressive dinner is happening once again this year and is being organized by board member Charlie Brown and his wife Kitty.  Our road rally will incorporate a little boating adventure in the park and will be brought to you by board members Nancy Clancy and Eric Weber.  New for this year, will be “Porsche’s in the Parade”.  That’s the Jackson 4th of July Parade and we hope to be marketing the Yellowstone Region Porsche Club to other car enthusiasts throughout the area.


We hope you will join us for all of our events.  As we finalize more detail, we will bring them to you.  With that, I give a shout to all those who made the return to Sidewinders such a great success.  Yeee haw!!!

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