Single Day Driving Tour August 2019

On Saturday, August 10th, 2019, the Club gathered at Cars & Coffee in Teton Village (Wilson) WY to take a Trip Around the Block, which to Porsche Club enthusiasts means a drive from Jackson, WY along the Snake River through Hoback Junction to Alpine, WY, then alongside beautiful Palisades Lake to Swan Valley, ID, turning East at Square Ice Cream, over Pine Creek Pass to Victor, ID where a fabulous lunch was consumed at Big Hole BBQ, and then back to Jackson over Teton Pass. There were many sweeping turns and elevation climbs to engage the 10 Cars and 15 Tour Participants. A good, no Great Time, was had by all! This was our second Single Day Tour of the 2019 Driving Season and confirmed enthusiasm among Club members for these type
of Road Tours.

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