GAHH Convertible Top Review

We had the GAHH glass window convertible top installed on our 1997 Boxster around 2008. We chose the glass window because we liked the durability of the glass, the defroster and the looks of the smaller window.

Over the many years the top has been on the car, we have not noticed any problems. The glass window has been fantastic and looks as good as the day we first got it.

An important note when installing a glass window top on your Boxster is that the glass window is heavier than the plastic. You really need to go through the mechanical of your convertible top and make sure everything is in tip top shape, if you have any doubts, replace it. The two main failure points on the Boxster’s convertible top are the transmission cables that connect the convertible top motor to the transmissions on either side and the push rods. The cables wear on their ends and can slip and put the transmissions out of sync. The push rods have a ball and socket joint, when the socket wears it gets brittle and cracks and the push rod comes off it’s joint and wedges into the car body and causes major havoc. Better safe than sorry, so when you install the GAHH top, I implore you to replace the push rods and the cables.

GAHH Convertible Top
GAHH Convertible Top on a Porsche Boxster

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